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We are SOFT Style, Inc., makers of Bamboobies.  We are delighted to be new participating vendors for Essentially Women.  Bamboobies launched five years ago in Boulder, Colorado. We are pleased to bring our unique products to breast
cancer survivors. We also offer our full line of eco-friendly breastfeeding support products. 

Our flagship product is the ultra soft bamboo rayon “Bamboobies” breast shield for use post mastectomy during fittings, as subtle padding in bras, or simply as a soft layer for tender skin during treatment or while healing after surgery or to prevent
leaks for nursing mothers.   We also feature a 100% Organic Skin Salve for dry, itchy or sore skin. All of our products are
made with premium and organic contents and will deliver comfort and protection to your customers.

All Essentially Women Members enjoy an additional 6% discount off of wholesale prices!

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Bamboobies Protective Pads

Our bamboo rayon ultra soft pads could work well as a soft shield during fittings, as subtle padding in bras, or simply as a soft layer for tender skin during treatment or while healing after surgery.  


Organic Skin Salve

Our Organic Skin Salve is made of 100% USDA certified organic ingredients:  olive oil, shea butter, beeswax and two healing herbs:  calendula and marshmallow extract.   The fragrance-free salve soothes, relieves and moistens sore and itchy skin. It can be used on nipples, hands, feet, scalps or anywhere that needs TLC. 


Chic Shawl

Our chic shawls are stylish and functional allowing easy access to ports, drainage and breasts.   Made of a stretchy bamboo rayon and spandex blend, this one-size-fits-most shawl, in black or blackberry colors, is easy to wear and looks great.


Soothing Therapy Pillows

Lined in an ultra soft bamboo fleece, these flax-filled pillows can be warmed in a microwave or cooled in the freezer to offer gentle relief on sore muscles, joints or achy places.  And because the flax seed has high oil content, the pillows stay warm for a longer time than gel packs.


Bamboo Basics Breastfeeding Essentials

We also offer our full line of breastfeeding essentials for Essentially Women Members that sell pumps and serve nursing moms. The link to the catalogue HERE provide descriptions for washable & disposable nursing pads, nursing bras and nursing tanks.  


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